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Second Tree to spot - Horse Chestnut

Hi Everyone, today’s tree to look out for is the Horse Chestnut!

You can see the beautiful, sticky buds in the video and photos below. They’re quite easy to spot as they’re so big!

The bark of the Horse Chestnut changes over time. A young tree has smooth bark, but as it ages it gets rougher and appears layered (just like humans!).

The tree in the video is mature (quite old), they can live up to 300 years! The Horse Chestnut will produce a candelabra or tiered flower in May after the leaves appear soon. The leaves look like big hands with 5 (sometimes 7) leaflets.

In autumn the Horse Chestnut produces seeds that you may know as ‘conkers’ It’s very satisfying to crack open the spiky shell to find the shiny brown seed or conker inside.

Conkers are used to play a game where you drill a hole in the seed, put a string in it and try to hit your opponents conker by swinging it. The person who breaks the conker is the winner.

Good luck with your search, see you next week.



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