W.I.L.D. Summer Forest Camp!


We're back! W.I.L.D will be running two blocks of Summer Forest Camps this summer holiday!


July : Monday & Tuesday 20th & 21st of July 2020, 10am to 3pm. Both 2 days are booked together at a cost of £70.

August: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4th, 5th & 6th of August 2020,10am - 3pm. All 3 days are booked together at the cost of £100.

All children aged between 5-11 are welcome to join us.
Our W.I.L.D. forest base camps are situated in Top Woods area within Linn Park. Site maps and guidance on how to come best prepared for a great day will be issued on booking.

The sessions will include cooking on the fire, nature crafts, using tools, and learning about local wildlife and conservation.

We ask that parents/carers observe social distancing guidance during drop off and collection at the Forest School site. The drop off/collection point will be clearly marked as will the boundary of the woodland we are using.

We have put extra hygiene measures in place including additional hand washing stations and will encourage regular hand washing throughout the session, on arrival/departure to and from the session following guidance issued by the Scottish Government:



Our full Coronavirus (COVID 19) policy will be available upon booking.

Here’s looking forward to a wonderful woodland adventure!


WILD Forest School Saturdays…

**UPDATE** New dates will hopefully commence in August 2020

Our WILD Forest School Saturdays are a wonderful opportunity to join our Forest School Leaders for a full 6 week block of 2 hour Forest School Sessions in Linn Park Local Nature Reserve.  Explore, experience and get immersed in the natural world through practical activities, play, games and lots of fun!  The sessions will include cooking on the fire, nature crafts, using tools, learning about local wildlife and conservation!



  • 1pm to 3pm in Linn Park Local Nature Reserve.

  • For children aged 5-11 years.


WILD Forest School - After School Sessions… 

​**UPDATE** New dates will hopefully be announced soon. 

WILD’s Forest School After-School Sessions are for children aged 5 -11 years and take place in the beautiful woodlands of Linn Park Local Nature Reserve. Our Afterschool sessions include pick up from Netherlee Primary. We have two forest school sites available to use around the Ha' Penny Bridge area of the park.

Parent Testimonials

“A walk in the woods has been a different experience for Rosie since W.I.L.D. Every aspect of the woods now stimulates her imagination. Rosie now talks about sticks as being tools, she pretends that trees are aeroplanes and trains and is definitely more adventurous. She shows more interest in all aspects of nature and would be able to 'outsurvive' her parents in the wilderness without a doubt!”

“W.I.L.D offers children much needed time to simply enjoy nature while interacting with peers and not screens.”

“Brilliant outdoor fun! My daughter enjoyed every minute. Would heartily recommend.”


Email:    wildwoodlandlearning@gmail.com

Tel:        07495 734274

Booking: https://bookwhen.com/wildwoodlandlearning

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