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W.I.L.D. Forest School sessions 


We run regular Forest School sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays during term time and holiday camps during Easter, Summer and October school holidays.

Term time sessions are  bookable in blocks of 6, 7 or 8 for children aged 5-11. These include a home education group and an after school group for which we can arrange collection from Netherlee Primary School.

All of our sessions, including walks and holiday camps are listed on our Bookwhen booking website where you can find current dates and times:


Parent Testimonials

“A walk in the woods has been a different experience for Rosie since W.I.L.D. Every aspect of the woods now stimulates her imagination. Rosie now talks about sticks as being tools, she pretends that trees are aeroplanes and trains and is definitely more adventurous. She shows more interest in all aspects of nature and would be able to 'outsurvive' her parents in the wilderness without a doubt!”

“W.I.L.D offers children much needed time to simply enjoy nature while interacting with peers and not screens.”

“Brilliant outdoor fun! My daughter enjoyed every minute. Would heartily recommend.”

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