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Wild Cherry Tree

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Hi Wild Friends,

Today’s tree you might be lucky to spot around your neighborhood when you are out on your daily exercise at this time of year is the Wild Cherry Tree!

This beautiful tree is very distinctive to spot especially at the moment as its blossom has just started bursting open and it has an absolute abundance of white flowers. Have a look at our video or check out the Wild Cherry Tree Identification Traits below.

WIld Cherry Tree Identification Traits

Flowers: Wild Cherry white flowers are in a cup shape and have 5 petals, the flowers grow in long stemmed clusters and they provide a welcome early source of pollen and nectar for bees.

Leafs which are emerging along with the blossom at the moment are long – up to 15cm, they are toothed, slender and pointed at the tip. the stem turns red as it nears the branch. These leafs provide a bounty of food for the caterpillars of various moths that will be in the tree.

Bark: The bark of the Wild cherry is very noticeable as the brown or grey branches have striped markings. The mature tree trunk like the one in these photo’s and videos have cream coloured horizontal strips on it that are called lenticels.

Fruit: Later in the year the tree fruits small red berries which are loved by Blackbirds and Thrush, Wood mouse and Dormouse alike.

Wild Cherry Folklore: In highlands folklore, Wild Cherry had mysterious qualities, and to encounter one was considered auspicious and fateful.

Compare: You could compare this blossom to the Blackthorn Trees white blossom that’s also out just now. The Blackthorn flowers are much smaller, with smaller stems closer to the branch. Also the Blacktorn Trees blossom appears before the leaves.

A splendidly beautiful and useful tree! Definitely worth keeping an eye out for!

Take care folks - and we’ll see you all next week.

Love from WILD


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