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The world of moths...

A whole new world has opened up to us over the past few weeks, the world of the night flying moth. We were asked by the Discover Nature on My Doorstep group if we wanted to borrow a moth trap...yeah why not?

A moth trap is humane and doesn't harm the moths at all. It's basically a big box with a light on the top that attracts the moths. The moths fly in and settle in the groves of the empty egg boxes that fill the box. There are 2 perspex sheets on top that prevent the moths flying out at night time, ready for closer inspection in the morning.

Moth trap

Little did we know that we would get to meet some of the most intriguing and interesting creatures that are out there. Moths are not generally known for their beauty, colour or furry cuteness but the moths that flew into the trap were absolutely beautiful.

Here are photos of a Drinker Moth, Peppered Moth and a Poplar Hawk-moth (2) that found their way into the moth trap. After having a look at them and identify them, we let them fly off back to their family tree!

The natural world around us never ceases to amaze, if you look a little closer for a little longer, you never know what you'll find.




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