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The Mighty Oak!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

The leaves are just beginning to appear on this awesome tree. They're all tender and baby soft in comparison to the immense trunk and branches of tree.

Oak is the second most common species of tree in the UK next to Birch. It supports an abundance of life. Oak forests support more life forms than any other native forest. They are host to hundreds of insect species, supplying many birds with an important food source. In autumn, mammals such as squirrels, badgers and deer feed on acorns.

Flower and leaf buds of English oak are the food plants of the caterpillars of Purple Hairstreak butterflies.

Bats also roost in old woodpecker holes or under loose bark, as well as feeding on the rich supply of insects in the tree canopy.

The oak was sacred to many gods, including Zeus and Jupiter. Each of these gods ruled over thunder and lightning, and oak trees are often hit by lightning as they are the tallest living feature in the landscape.

Good luck with finding an Oak tree on your walk.

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