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First tree to spot! Willow...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Good Morning,

Your first tree to spot is the Willow tree!

You'll need to look for the buds on branches and the bark of the trunk as there are no leaves at the moment. The Willow is one of the first trees to wake in spring. 🙃🤞👀

The large silver furry catkins buds in the photo belong to the Goat Willow, sometimes known as a Pussy Willow. Goat Willow pollen is loved by bees.

The bark is beautiful, very rough and made up of lots of diamond shapes fitted together.

The catkin in the video is a male catkin and has yellow pollen on it. You may also find female ones which are plainer.

Willow is significant in lots cultures across the world, from Ancient Greece to Japanese Anime, people have both feared and worshiped the tree.

The phrase 'Knock on wood' comes from folklore about the Willow tree. If you knock on the tree trunk then whisper a secret, the Willow will hold on to it forever...💚🧚‍♀️

Enjoy your walk!

WILD 💜🐝🌷


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