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Ash Tree for week four

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Hello Everyone

This week's tree is the Ash. Ash is unpretentious and graceful in appearance.

You can find Ash throughout Linn Park and surrounding area. Ash has beautiful smooth silvery bark in it's youth. Over time the bark becomes rougher and forms diamond shapes, similar to that of the Willow. Ash is an extremely strong wood, this may be a reason it is known for it's protective and healing properties.

At the moment the buds are still closed. They're distinctive, black 'claw like' buds, contrasting with the silvery green of the tree's bark. Some say the buds look like 'witches fingernails'!

Ash buds
Norse Myths

The Ash tree is significant in many cultures and mythology. In Norse Mythology the Ash Tree is know as the World Tree or Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil connected the ocean to the earth to the sky along with all the creatures that lived in each element.

If you like stories about Mythology, Gods and nature, this is great book for you. It also reminds us that all living things are closely connected.

Have a safe week exploring the nature around you.

Love from WILD


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